When Daniel met Shane…

When Daniel met Shane…

Some of you may know who Daniel Priestley is but many won’t.

Let me start with a short introduction

Daniel Priestley (https://twitter.com/DanielPriestley) started out as an entrepreneur at age 21 and built a multi-million dollar event, marketing and management business before the age of 25. A successful entrepreneur, international speaker and best-selling author, Daniel has built and sold businesses in Australia, Singapore and the UK. Daniel is the founder of Dent, which runs a 9-month growth accelerator programme for small enterprises, working with over 500+ entrepreneurs each year to develop their businesses. Dent has offices in the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia. Daniel uses campaigns to help raise up to $100,000 for charity each year and is connected to some of the world’s most known and celebrated entrepreneurs and leaders. With a passion for global small business, Daniel is the author of the four best-selling books Key Person of Influence, Entrepreneur Revolution, Oversubscribed and 24Assets.


Its Wednesday 20th February 2019 and we have arrived at the British Library in London. Check in completed and a bag of goodies, a cuppa and a biscuit (or three) and then we make our way to the auditorium to find some seats.  There is a buzz of excitement in the air whilst everyone waits for Dent Global “Become a Key Person of Influence” event to begin.

The room is full of a diverse audience from across different business sectors and ages ranges. Michael is sat next to me, a man in his 50s who sells boats and is wanting to “see what it’s all about”. Alex is next to him, a young man who owned a PT trainers business who is here “to find out more”.

Ever since I entered the world of financial services in 2005 I have been completing exams along with CPD (continuous personal development). All exams relevant to the profession and a requirement to gain permissions for specific licences. The world of finance and financial planning and advising is a knowledge profession-learning should be ongoing within the ever changing world of finance and tax.

As business owners we all have many hats to wear. The successful business man or woman is aware they don’t know everything and can’t do everything- delegation and understanding of your ability is key to a successful business. When you know what you can and can’t do, you can understand what areas you need help in. I wear two hats – one as a financial planner and another as a business owner. I’ve spent hours, days, weeks and thousands of pounds developing gaining my qualifications, and not devoted the time I need to develop as a business owner- this changes in 2019.

Which leads me to why I am here at this event. After reading Daniels books it was a desire to meet the man and listen to him. No fanfares on his arrival on stage,  no expensive suits, no talking down to people. This is a man who works with the very best and you all feel he’s communicating with you on a friendly basis and WANTING to help you.

Watch this space.

Gavin is in Vouchedfor’s 2019 Guide to the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers

Gavin is in Vouchedfor’s 2019 Guide to the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers

If you picked up a copy of the Times on Saturday, then within its pages, you might have seen the Vouchedfor 2019 Guide to the UK’s Top Rated Advisers, which featured our very own Gavin Kingsley.

So, what is Vouchedfor? Vouchedfor is often described as tripadvisor for financial advisers and planners. It allows clients of financial planners to leave reviews of their services, based on the quality of the advice given, the quality of the overall service, and the value for money offered. The entire review is then graded out of a maximum score of 5. For Gavin to qualify to be featured in the supplement within the Times:

  • Vouchedfor checked that he and our firm are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

  • Vouchedfor required Gavin to upload copies of all his certificates as evidence of his education and knowledge.

  • Vouchedfor checked that all reviews for Gavin were from genuine clients.

  • Gavin had to receive at least 10 reviews in the year leading up to the 31st January 2019. Gavin actually received 26 in that time.

  • Gavin had to maintain an overall rating of over 4.5, to ensure that the service he offered to his clients was consistently of a high standard. In fact, at the time of writing this, Gavin’s rating is 4.8.

Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Gavin Kingsley, Cardiff

Gavin says that the fact he has been featured as one of the UK’s top rated advisers is great, but that what really makes it special is the fact that it is based on reviews submitted by his clients. Gavin always strives to offer the best service possible to his clients and this in a small way validates that he’s doing just that. Excerpts from some of the reviews are:

“I was 100% happy with the service from Gavin”

Gavin’s service “surpassed our expectations”

“Gavin was so polite, friendly and professional”, “he is brilliant at what he does”

Welcome to the blog page of Sanctuary Financial Planning

Welcome to the blog page of Sanctuary Financial Planning

Here are some housekeeping rules:

  • If you are here expecting market updates and commentary you are in the wrong place
  • There will be no doom and gloom surrounding the world. We leave that to the newspapers and twitter
  • This will be informative and, on some occasions, a fun page about what we are up to, new developments and occasional encouraging words of wisdom
  • Think of us as your friend down the pub… who actually knows what they are talking about
  • We encourage you to contact us if there is anything you would like us to discuss on here. We can’t help with the theory of relativity or who actually shot JR, but we can certainly answer some burning questions about financial planning

Let’s start with a bit about us

Our mission

A Fresh Approach to Your Finances

At Sanctuary, we’re here to help you take control of your money with clear, simple and solid financial solutions that will allow you to take control of your finances and make your money work for you and your future.

We want to help clients answer the question of how much is “Enough”?

What is the magic number they need to get to their goal? Whether that’s retiring, selling a business or buying that holiday home abroad. We can help them answer that.


Sanctuary Financial Planning was formed in December 2018 bring together Financial planners Gareth Shears, Gavin Kingsley, James Baker and Shane Hyland, supported by Kathryn Pritchard and Clare Giles with over 50 years’ experience in the Financial services industry.

All four planners worked for Directly Authorised firms prior to forming Sanctuary from two separate locally established firms.

The reason for joining forces was we felt financial advice needed a fresh approach; each of us at Sanctuary have a passion for changing the way our profession is perceived and make us standout as a profession.

As a company we want to ensure we are client centric in our approach and less focussed on products (pensions, insurances etc) which historically, financial advice has been based on.

We believe that Financial planning is about creating a long-term, coherent strategy to help you meet your lifetime financial goals and aspirations through the efficient management of your finances. It is about giving you peace of mind if you are “on track” and about creating direction to your finances if you aren’t.

We see financial planning as a process rather than a one-off exercise. If the process is strictly followed, the chances of meeting your objectives will be considerably improved.

Why are we different?

  • Fixed fee – no percentages or hidden charges
  • Modern
  • Fresh approach to Financial Planning
  • Highly qualified and still learning – we are in a knowledge-based profession
  • We put the client at the forefront and not the product
  • Clear Simple Solutions
  • Cash flow planning experts

Over the coming weeks we will tell you a little bit about each of us here at Sanctuary and get under the skin of each key member of the team.

Don’t forget to explore the website and learn more about what we have to offer