Some of you may know who Daniel Priestley is but many won’t.

Let me start with a short introduction

Daniel Priestley ( started out as an entrepreneur at age 21 and built a multi-million dollar event, marketing and management business before the age of 25. A successful entrepreneur, international speaker and best-selling author, Daniel has built and sold businesses in Australia, Singapore and the UK. Daniel is the founder of Dent, which runs a 9-month growth accelerator programme for small enterprises, working with over 500+ entrepreneurs each year to develop their businesses. Dent has offices in the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia. Daniel uses campaigns to help raise up to $100,000 for charity each year and is connected to some of the world’s most known and celebrated entrepreneurs and leaders. With a passion for global small business, Daniel is the author of the four best-selling books Key Person of Influence, Entrepreneur Revolution, Oversubscribed and 24Assets.

Its Wednesday 20th February 2019 and we have arrived at the British Library in London. Check in completed and a bag of goodies, a cuppa and a biscuit (or three) and then we make our way to the auditorium to find some seats.  There is a buzz of excitement in the air whilst everyone waits for Dent Global “Become a Key Person of Influence” event to begin.

The room is full of a diverse audience from across different business sectors and ages ranges. Michael is sat next to me, a man in his 50s who sells boats and is wanting to “see what it’s all about”. Alex is next to him, a young man who owned a PT trainers business who is here “to find out more”.

Ever since I entered the world of financial services in 2005 I have been completing exams along with CPD (continuous personal development). All exams relevant to the profession and a requirement to gain permissions for specific licences. The world of finance and financial planning and advising is a knowledge profession-learning should be ongoing within the ever changing world of finance and tax.

As business owners we all have many hats to wear. The successful business man or woman is aware they don’t know everything and can’t do everything- delegation and understanding of your ability is key to a successful business. When you know what you can and can’t do, you can understand what areas you need help in. I wear two hats – one as a financial planner and another as a business owner. I’ve spent hours, days, weeks and thousands of pounds developing gaining my qualifications, and not devoted the time I need to develop as a business owner- this changes in 2019.

Which leads me to why I am here at this event. After reading Daniels books it was a desire to meet the man and listen to him. No fanfares on his arrival on stage,  no expensive suits, no talking down to people. This is a man who works with the very best and you all feel he’s communicating with you on a friendly basis and WANTING to help you.

Watch this space.